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Massa, José M.

Dr. Eng. José M. Massa have a PhD degree in Computational and Industrial Mathematics and a Master degree in Systems Engineering from UNICEN University, Argentina.
Research: Main research interests are medical image processing, computer vision and Monte Carlo simulations for radiotherapy planning. He has conducted several research stays at Universitat de les Illes Ballears, Mallorca, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain and Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. Has published about 30 articles including journals and conference proceedings.
Teaching: He is a professor in charge of "Programming Languages", "Compilers Design", "Image Processing", "Monte Carlo Methods" and "Medical Informatics" courses at UNICEN.
Knowledge transference: He conducts health and technology knowledge transference projects to several public, private and Non-profit institutions.
Community relationships and scientific divulgation: He is involved in different programs consisting in public talks and events intended to divulge knowledge to the society
TE: +54 (249) 438-5681/82 INT. 49,